Rogante is a winery, small in size but with big ambitions. Every day we dedicate passion to our vineyards that grow according to the methods of the past, in a genuine and vigorous way, and then we transform the fruits in sparkling wines that combine togheter, tradition, innovation, love and respect for our lands.

Revolutionaries tastes, exclusive recipes.

Rogante is not only a quality sparkling wine, but new ideas result of the passion for the tradition to get the best as the quality of ingredients and in-depth knowledge of the processes.

This is our land that gives life to our collection of sparkling fruity wines Rogante, Revolutionaries tastes, exclusive recipes.

Integrated production and sustainable agriculture.

Rogante born in a territory where a strict production discipline is respected: those of the integrated agriculture.

This involves several rules to follow, an easy task for us we already knew that only love for our land and our vines, can give us excellent products.