The first Natural Sparkling Fruit Wine

The collection of Rogante Sparkling Fruity Wines stems from the belief that a new idea can make sparkling wine as we all know in an unusually attractive product. To achieve this we have combined the best grapes with 100% natural fruit concentrates.

The result? GreenFruit, ExoticPassion, Cherry, Melograno and Elderflower.

The new way to drink Sparkling wine.

The story of Rogante begins as all the other stories of Sparkling Wines, with pulpy and sweet grapes, pressed slowly and patiently worked according to the centenary Charmat method.

And exactly from now that the story of Rogante takes a different way. The pale yellow with boreal reflections and sour and dry notes of sparkling wine meet the delicious fruits juice, which change their color and color the taste.


You and Rogante Sparkling Wines,
protagonists of a beautiful story.

Sparkling wine culture, the passion for natural and quality ingredients are the protagonists of this story, now you know how it starts but does not know how to continue.

Find out more by following our social profiles and taste Rogante plain or with ice in a long drink with a heady scent or accompanied by a seafood risotto, a fresh salad or a delicious ice cream sundae.