An intense green flavor

Enveloping citrus sensations and an aftertaste of kiwifruit for a fine and refreshing sparkling wine.

The exclusive Rogante process allows the intense scents of kiwi juice 100% natural to join the wine through a patient fermented according to the Charmat method used for sparkling wines best, thanks to the only native yeasts.

Thanks to this innovative process, Rogante GreenFruits maintains the same alcohol content of wine which is formed and the method itself becomes the absolute quality guarantee.

Color and Perlage

Bright green conferred by Kiwi juice, fine and persistent bubbles, white foam, soft and voluminous.


Enveloping citrus sensations, aftertaste Kiwi and sparkling notes of fresh fruit with mint perceptions.


Sugar balance and freshness, good structural complexity with a pleasant return of mint and citrus fruit.

Tips and pairings

Excellent with fresh snacks made from fruit.